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Tour Stop with Review: Wyoming Brave – Diana Palmer (2016, western contemporary romance, Wyoming Men 6)

Tour Stop with Review: Wyoming Brave – Diana Palmer (2016, western contemporary romance, Wyoming Men 6)Author: Diana Palmer
Title: Wyoming Brave
Series: Wyoming Men #6
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Release Date: December 27, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance

The Wyoming men are back! In their quest for true love on the range, are these ranchers bold enough to open their hearts to the women under their protection?

Ren Colter may own an enormous ranch in Wyoming, but he scorns his wealth. He's closed himself off since his fiancée left him years ago, so he's shocked when he allows Meredith Grayling to stay with him. He tells himself it's only to protect the blonde beauty from a stalker, but Ren's alpha instincts soon kick in.

The last thing Merrie wants is a devastatingly handsome man like Ren lurking around her. He's too experienced, too appealing for her already shot nerves. What she needs is just to get away from it all: the man haunting her waking dreams and the one hunting her like an animal. But no woman escapes this Colter cowboy!
Format: ARC
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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to sexual content.

*I received a free copy of this book from a book promoter in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

Welcome to our stop on the tour for

WYOMING BRAVE by Diana Palmer!

We’re excited to tell you about this new western contemporary romance, published by Harlequin. WYOMING BRAVE is the sixth book in the Wyoming Men series, but can be read as a standalone. I had never read a book by Diana Palmer before, yet I was able to jump into the series without a problem.


Quick Opinion

I had some issues with the writing style (especially repetitive dialogue and head-hopping), but I enjoyed the romantic development and the overall story. I would read another book by Diana Palmer.

Brief Summary of the Plot

Merrie and Sari are the abused, adult daughters of a mob-connected man who had killed a woman. The son of the woman wanted revenge and had arranged for hits on Merrie and Sari. Sari’s hitman had been caught, but Merrie’s was still after her. So, for her safety, Merrie travels to Wyoming to stay with her friend’s brother, Ren, at his ranch.

Ren had recently been humiliated by a woman, and was not in the mood for female company. He did not take well to Merrie’s presence. Also, he assumed she was dating his brother, which meant she was probably a money-hungry slut, in Ren’s opinion. He treated Merrie accordingly.

Merrie and Ren have to get to know one another, to learn the truth and, eventually, fall in love.

My Thoughts about…

  • The Characters

Merrie, having had a painful and sheltered upbringing, was difficult for me to relate to. She was easily intimidated, fragile, and gentle. However, she was an endearing character, who I wanted to see happy and safe. Ren was also hard for me to relate to. He was unreasonable and held grudges. Again, I still end up liking him. This is to the author’s credit. Diana Palmer did an excellent job of building up all the characters, balancing their flaws with admirable qualities.

One thing I really liked was the way the romance progressed. It never felt forced. The relationship changed over time.

  • Pacing

The book moved along at a steady pace. I was surprised it didn’t get boring in the middle, where many books lag. The only place I felt it could have moved quicker was after the climax. I’m not the kind of reader that wants to know everything about what happens to a couple after they get together.

  • Suspense & Mystery

The whole idea that a guy hired a hitman when he was drunk and couldn’t remember who he hired seemed far-fetched. Also, I had a hard time believing that he hired two different hitmen, one for each sister. Because I found this hard to believe, the danger didn’t seem real to me. Of course, I was wrong, and Merrie was in very serious danger. I’m just saying that I didn’t feel it beforehand. That could also be because Merrie seemed more afraid of Ren than she did of the man hired to kill her. Perhaps if there had been at least one prior attempt on her life, I would have been more concerned for her safety.

  • Setting Details

The author didn’t spend a lot of time on setting details, which I appreciated. The story didn’t get bogged down with descriptions. I was still able to imagine the locations.

  • The Writing

It took me some time to get used to Diana Palmer’s writing style. She’s very straightforward. She tells you what the characters’ personalities and hang-ups are. I’m not used to this kind of ‘telling,’ but I could see the merits. I was like: at least we got that out-of-the-way and I know why he is the way he is.

I also had to adjust to the omniscient narration. The story is written in third person, and the point of view switches abruptly. From one paragraph to the next, you can be in anyone’s head, even one of the minor characters. I’m so accustomed to third-person, limited, point of view, that it would throw me off every time the point of view changed. I would have to backtrack sometimes to figure out whose head I was in.

My main complaint about the writing is the repetition of information, which wasn’t always consistent. Conversations were repeated, details were repeated. Yet, the characters sometimes acted like they didn’t know the information. For example, Merrie explained to Ren why she couldn’t dance. Later, he acted surprised that she could dance, and she explained it again. I was also pretty sure that Merrie had already told Sari who Snowpaw was. But, Sari made a comment about Snowpaw like she didn’t know who he was.

Hooked or Not?

Although I had some complaints about the way the book was written, I enjoyed the story a lot. The characters and the romantic development were great, which more than made up for any of the negative things I have mentioned. Now that I know what to expect with the writing style, I’m okay with it. I would read another book by Diana Palmer.

If you like romance novels about sexy ranchers with a little humor and danger mixed in, you should read WYOMING BRAVE. It’s the kind of naturally progressing romance I appreciate and enjoy, with damaged characters who have to overcome their own issues before they can be successful in a relationship.

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About Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer is a pseudonym for author Susan Kyle.

(1)romance author
Susan Eloise Spaeth was born on 11 December 1946 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA. She was the eldest daughter of Maggie Eloise Cliatt, a nurse and also journalist, and William Olin Spaeth, a college professor. Her mother was part of the women’s liberation movement many years before it became fashionable. Her best friends are her mother and her sister, Dannis Spaeth (Cole), who now has two daughters, Amanda Belle Hofstetter and Maggie and lives in Utah. Susan grew up reading Zane Grey and fell in love with cowboys. Susan is a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers. Since 1972, she has been married to James Kyle and have since settled down in Cornelia, Georgia, where she started to write romance novels. Susan and her husband have one son, Blayne Edward, born in 1980.

She began selling romances in 1979 as Diana Palmer. She also used the pseudonyms Diana Blayne and Katy Currie, and her married name: Susan Kyle. Now, she has over 40 million copies of her books in print, which have been translated and published around the world. She is listed in numerous publications, including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research, Inc., Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St. James Press, The Writers Directory by St. James Press, the International Who’s Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press, Ltd., and Love’s Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk. Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards, four B. Dalton national sales awards, two Bookrak national sales awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times, several Affaire de Coeur awards, and two regional RWA awards.

Inspired by her husband, who quit a blue-collar manufacturing job to return to school and get his diploma in computer programming, Susan herself went back to college as a day student at the age of 45. In 1995, she graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College, Demorest, GA, with a major in history and a double minor in archaeology and Spanish. She was named to two honor societies (the Torch Club and Alpha Chi), and was named to the National Dean’s List. In addition to her writing projects, she is currently working on her master’s degree in history at California State University. She hopes to specialize in Native American studies. She is a member of the Native American Rights Fund, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Cattlemen’s Association, the Archaeological Institute of Amenca, the Planetary Society, The Georgia Conservancy, the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, and numerous conservation and charitable organizations. Her hobbies include gardening, archaeology, anthropology, iguanas, astronomy and music.

In 1998, her husband retired from his own computer business and now pursues skeet shooting medals in local, state, national and international competition. They love riding around and looking at the countryside, watching sci-fi on TV and at the movies, just talking and eating out. (bio from Goodreads)


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