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The WRITER’S CORNER is a feature on Books That Hook where we provide tips and insights into various aspects of writing fiction.

This includes grammar, style, publishing, editing, social media, and more.

Many of the WRITER’S CORNER posts have been written by established, popular authors.

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We welcome guests posts from authors who have over 50 reviews on Goodreads or Amazon and have an overall rating of 3.5 stars or better. This is so readers can feel reassured that they are getting advice from a skilled and experienced author.

If you are an author interested in sharing your thoughts on writing fiction, please visit our About page and follow the link to our sign-up form.



I have tried to organize the posts to help you find topics.

Some of these posts were created before I came up with the idea for the Writer’s Corner, so they don’t actually say that title in the posts. Because they are about writing, I have included them on this page anyway.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve this page.


Social Media and Marketing

Guest Post: H.D. Smith “Does Social Proof Really Prove Anything?”

Guest Post: Ines Johnson “How I Used Instafreebie to Grow My Fan Base”


Editing and Completion

Guest Post: Brooke Johnson “Killing Your Darlings: Cutting Scenes from Your Novel”

Guest Post: Dawn Eastman “Future Me vs. Past Me?”

Guest Post: Lis Wiehl “Three Magic Words Every Writer Needs to Know”



Guest Post: Sabrina Benulis “A Great Book Genre and Why You Should Write It (Like Me)”

Guest Post: Tia Giacalone “What I Love About New Adult Fiction”

Guest Post: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro “Straddling and Jumping Genres”


Ideas and Inspiration

Guest Post: Lisa Kessler “Making Old Things New!”

Getting Your Writing Gears Going, Part 1

Getting Your Writing Gears Going, Part 2

Getting Your Writing Gears Going, Part 3



Guest Post: Alexandra Sokoloff “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming a Published Author”

Guest Post: Mitchell Hogan7 Things I’ve Learned So Far (Transforming a Smash Hit Indie Book into a Traditionally Published Series)

Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing


Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Writing Tip #13: Learn Homophones

Writing Tip #11: May or Might

Writing Tip #6: That vs. Which

Writing Tip #5: Who vs. Whom


Style, Tone, Mood, Etc.

Writing Tip #15: Set the Tone Early


Structure, Plotting, Outlining, Pacing, Etc.

Guest Post: Andy Maslen “Wear Your Research Lightly”

Writing Tip #9: Record Details

Writing Tip #4: Avoid One-Character Scenes

Writing Tip #3: Don’t Over-populate

Writing Tip #1: Limit Backstory


Tense, Point of View, Etc.

Why I Dislike Present Tense

Writing Tip #2: Stay in One Head at a Time


Characterization, Archetypes, Dialogue, Etc.

Guest Post: Laura Bickle “Writing the Unchosen One”

Guest Post: Stephen Woodworth “Whodunit?: Creating a Character with Criminal Profiling”

Writing Tip #12: Sidekick Archetype or Stereotype?

Writing Tip #8: Necessary Dialogue…Or Not?

Writing Tip #7: Let Dialogue Do the Work of Conveying Emotions



Writing Tip #14: Always Be Prepared

Writing Tip #10: Backup, Backup, Backup

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