Review: Witches Rule- Ann Gimpel (2016, urban fantasy, Demon Assassin 3)

Review: Witches Rule- Ann Gimpel (2016, urban fantasy, Demon Assassin 3)Author: Ann Gimpel
Title: Witches Rule
Series: Demon Assassins #3
Publisher: Dream Shadow Press
Pages: 315
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy

Format: eBook
Also by this author: Dark Prophecy, Highland Secrets, To Love a Highland Dragon, Witch's Bounty, Witch's Bane

*I received a free copy of this book from a book promoter in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*


Urban Fantasy Romance With a Heaping Side of Hexes, Spells, and Magick!

Jenna’s a special witch, sort of, when her magic works, which it often doesn’t. One of three remaining demon assassins, she and her sister witches, Roz and Colleen, are Earth’s only hedge against being overrun by Hell’s minions. On the heels of Roz’s and Colleen’s weddings, Jenna is headed for the U.K. when a demon confronts her. Any other witch could teleport out of the plane, but not her. Frustration about her limited power eats at her. It would be pathetic to get killed for lack of skills a teenager could master.

Tristan is a Sidhe warrior, but his primary gift is attunement to others’ emotions. He fell hard for Jenna, but hasn’t had an opportunity to act on their attraction beyond a few kisses because she returned to Alaska, and he’s been in the field fighting demons.

As seer for the Sidhe, Kiernan is haunted by visions, particularly an apocalyptic sending that seems to be coming true. A confirmed bachelor, he doesn’t understand his attraction to Jenna, but it’s so strong he can’t fight it. After a while, he doesn’t even try, despite recognizing Tristan’s claim to her.

Startling truths surface about Jenna’s magic, and then there’s the problem that she’s falling in love with two very different men. At first she believes she has to pick one of them, but her spirit refuses to walk away from either. It’s impossible to choose between a seer with dreams in his eyes and a beautiful man who intuits her every need. Standing on the verge of Earth’s destruction, will she defy convention and follow the song in her heart?

Misty’s Review of WITCHES RULE

Witches Rule is book 3 in the Demon Assassins series. This was a good addition to this series. I did enjoy the Demon Assassin series.

Witches Rule is the story of Jenna who is the third demon assassin witch, Tristan a Sidhe warrior and Kiernan a Sidhe Seer. Jenna was on her way to the U.K. when she is attacked by the demons unfortunately her magic works when it wants to. So with the help of Tristan she is able to defeat the demons.

While on her journey to the U.K. she starts to feel for Tristan and Kiernan. She is trying figure out if she should chose only one of them to be or follow her heart and be with both.

To find out what happens go grab your copy of Witches Rule.

I give Witches Rule 4.5 stars and the reason for that is Ann Gimpel wrote this where she has two lovers. That bothers me and there was no warning that Ann Gimpel was taking the story line down that path. I’m not saying it was a bad book, but I prefer one on one relationships. That is my preference. With that said that was the only problem I had with this book. I would still recommend this series. It was a well thought out storyline and I still like it.

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