The Nothing by Kerry Schafer~ ARC Review (2015 urban fantasy)

The Nothing by Kerry Schafer~ ARC Review (2015 urban fantasy)Author: Kerry Schafer
Title: The Nothing
Series: Between #3
Publisher: Kerry Schafer Books
Pages: 276
Release Date: March 24, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
When people in Wakeworld begin dying in their sleep, Vivian Maylor travels through an increasingly unstable Between on a quest to stop the mysterious epidemic. Although she has no love for the dark magic of the Sorcieri, they hold the only hope of stopping the disaster. Vivian has one chance to save the worlds – if she can persuade the Master of the Sorcieri to share his secrets, and if she is willing to sacrifice everything she loves…
Format: eARC
Also by this author: Between, Wakeworld, Between, Dead Before Dying
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*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*


The Nothing is the third and final book in the Between series.

I absolutely loved this book! It was skillfully written, fast-paced, and extremely suspenseful. From the very first page, the reader can see how bad things are. All of the worlds have been damaged; people and creatures are dying. The stakes are very high for Vivian and her friends.

I can’t think of another book off-hand where a character had so many lives and deaths to feel responsible for, and Vivian handles the pressure commendably. She doesn’t wallow in guilt for her failures or snap under all the responsibility. She trudges on despite the difficulty and grief.

The Nothing picks up right where Wakeworld left off. This is definitely a series that needs to be read in order. I’m sad that this was the last book.

Vivian and Zee (and others) go right from one dangerous, fantastical situation to the next. I had no problem suspending disbelief because Shafer makes everything so detailed and realistic. She is a highly creative author.

Some elements in this book felt like twisted versions of other stories such as the fable of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the nothing from The Neverending Story, and the wizard in The Wizard of Oz, and perhaps a little of The Matrix. If you have read this book, you probably know what I am talking about. Some people might see this as copying, but I didn’t. More than one person can have the same idea. Plus, these things are only vaguely reminiscent. They are in no way identical. I liked that bit of familiarity.

I loved how the women in the book were strong and could defend themselves, and how the men were strong but not overly bossy.

I also appreciated the multiple points-of-view because the reader needed to know things going on in other locations at the same time. It helps the reader see how truly unstable the worlds are.

I was confused in one part because I didn’t understand why Isobel didn’t count as Vivian’s “blood of her blood” or “flesh of her flesh.” This wasn’t that big of a deal to me. It doesn’t affect my overall impression of the book.

For some readers, there might be too much death in the story. While I was saddened at the deaths, it made me understand how truly dire the situation was for everyone.

The romance was developed naturally, allowing the characters to work through their differences and love one another for who they truly were. They had to come to terms with themselves and with one another, accepting the bad with the good. When they finally made love, it was perfect. I thought it was handled very tastefully.

The Nothing is now one of my favorite urban fantasy books. It leans more toward fantasy because a lot of the story takes place in worlds that are not our own. If you like a lot of danger, some romance, and well-built fantasy worlds, I recommend reading The Between series by Kerry Schafer. It is definitely a series I would read again and again.

About Kerry Schafer

Kerry Schafer writes fantasy with its teeth sunk into reality, mystery that delves into the paranormal, and women’s fiction that embraces the dark and twisty realms of humanity. The first two books of her Between trilogy (Between and Wakeworld) were published through Ace Books/Penguin. Due to the ever-shifting landscape of publishing, the concluding book of the trilogy – The Nothing – will be coming out as an Indie book, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Kerry’s Paranormal Mystery series, Dead Before Dying, was recently acquired by Diversion Books, and rumor has it she is currently working on a Women’s Fiction project, just to keep things interesting. (bio from Goodreads)

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