Take a Chance Reviews First Selection: Firewalk by Chris Roberson


Because I have pre-selected all of the books I am willing to review, as a way to reduce my TBR, I feel like I might be too limited and maybe even a bit discriminatory with my selections. I know I have a tendency to be a cover snob, for example, and I want to make sure I am giving authors a chance, even if their covers are less than spectacular. Also, I don’t want to be stuck on the same authors or same genres all the time. So, I came up with this idea to make me try new books that I might not otherwise read.


  • From Netgalley or Edelweiss instant downloads, I pick one book.
  • The author has to be someone I have never heard of before.
  • I am not allowed to look up reviews of the book.
  • The book must be the first book in the series or a standalone.
  • It has to be a novel (200 or more pages). No short stories or novellas.
  • I have to try very hard to not let the cover influence my decision about which book to download.

My first TAKE A CHANCE REVIEWS selection

For the month of February, I have picked FIREWALK by Chris Roberson. I downloaded this book from Edelweiss. As far as my rules go, I stayed on track. Only now, after picking the book, have I looked it up on Goodreads. And, I still haven’t read any reviews. I did well with the cover too. Although I don’t particularly like it, I didn’t let that affect my decision.

Now, I just have to read the book before the end of February!

Details about FIREWALK by Chris Roberson

Firewalk coverPublication Date: October 18, 2016

Publisher: Night Shade Books

Genre: Supernatural Crime Thriller

Pages: 356


A modern-day supernatural crime thriller set in a fictional west coast city, from the New York Times bestselling author and co-creator of the comic book-turned hit TV show iZombie.

Izzie Lefevre was the newest investigator for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit when she first came to Recondito, a coastal city that’s been shrouded in mystery and legend for centuries. Local law enforcement had requested the Bureau’s assistance in hunting a sword-wielding serial killer who’d left a dozen mutilated bodies in his wake. Patrick Tevake was a local homicide detective assigned to the taskforce, and together he and Izzie managed to track down and stop the killer before he claimed another victim.

Five years later, Izzie and Patrick remain haunted by what the killer said before he fell in a hail of gunfire. Izzie’s ancestors were “mambos,” voodoo priestesses who claimed to communicate with the dead and protect the faithful from evil spirits. Patrick’s Polynesian great uncle told stories of Recondito’s supernatural menaces that lurk in flame and shadow. The killer’s last words have brought up a past both Izzie and Patrick thought they’d long since left behind, and neither has been able to shake the feeling that their case was never completely solved.

So when Patrick, now working with the vice squad to investigate a dangerous new street drug, discovers a connection between the street drug and the serial killer’s victims, he realizes that their instincts were right: the threat is far from over. Reunited again, he and Izzie will discover that Recondito is a city of dark secrets, and their own pasts may be the key to unlocking them.

Any Thoughts?

Have you read this book before? Have you heard of Chris Roberson?

Do you like taking chances on authors you don’t know?

I’d love to hear from people in the comments.

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