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Stumbling Over Words ~ Talkin’ ’bout Books Tuesday (Discussion #15)

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Discussion #14 Question: Do you find yourself stumbling over words when you are reading a book? If so, how do you deal with words you don’t know?


Sometimes when I am reading, I come across a word I don’t know. I would like to say that I always look in the dictionary to find out what the word means, but that would be a lie. A long time ago, I had a list of words I wanted to look up. Did I look them up? Sadly, no.

I usually deal with words I don’t know by either ignoring them or trying to figure out what they mean from the context of the sentence.

A bigger problem I often have is that I know what the word means, but I don’t know the correct pronunciation. My reading is slowed down at times because the way I read is like talking in my mind. If I can’t pronounce something, it makes it harder.

While I want to look up words, both for meaning and pronunciation, I admit I am not good at remembering to do it. Thankfully, if I am reading on my Kindle, I can use the app to tell me the definitions. But pronunciations are trickier. If I remember to do it, I sometimes go to Google or to find out how the words are supposed to be pronounced.

Do you bother to look up words? Or, do you have such an awesome vocabulary that you never experience stumbling over words?

About the meme…

Each Tuesday, we will post a discussion about a book-related topic. Sometimes, we will gear this toward writing books rather than reading them.

If you’re a blogger and you would like to join in on the fun, you don’t have to post about the same topic, but you are welcome to do so if you want. Just post a discussion and leave your link in the comments. If you’re not a blogger, that’s okay too. Just leave a comment with your answer to this week’s question.

This post is part of the 2017 Discussion Challenge, hosted by It Starts at Midnight & Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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2 Replies to “Stumbling Over Words ~ Talkin’ ’bout Books Tuesday (Discussion #15)”

  1. Hahaha, great topic! I would LOVE to say that I do look up words, but I don’t. I go “Oh, that looks interesting” and I SAY I will look it up later. But inevitably, by the time I get to the next page, I’ve already forgotten it!

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