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Get Your Writing Gears Going, Part Two

1385573251 This is the second installment of my writing inspiration series. In part one, I presented several ways to come up with ideas for stories and characters.

Here are three more sources of writing inspiration to think about:

1) Dreams and/or Nightmares— Keep a journal by your bed and write down everything you can remember. Often, you’ll find that you can work bits and pieces of these into your stories. Details from dreams or nightmares like monsters, locations, inventions, etc. can all be great sources of writing inspiration. It’s rumored that Stephen King comes up with his ideas from his nightmares. (I haven’t actually read anything that confirms this, but it may be true. I don’t know.)

2) Research and Documentaries— Reading about or watching documentaries about a subject that interests you can be a great way to get story ideas. For example, I sometimes read books about mythology, psychic abilities, and paranormal phenomena. Just reading one of these kinds of books can give me three or four new story ideas. This method is similar to what some authors do, looking at news stories, but I like this method better because it doesn’t feel like copying a true-life event or capitalizing on someone else’s misfortune. Plus, if you base your story on a real event or person, you have a lot more legal considerations.

3) Movies and Television— This one is a little tricky because you don’t want to steal someone else’s idea. So, the thought behind this method is not to copy what’s on television or in a movie, but to think about how it could have been different.


Do you have any methods that work for you I haven’t mentioned? Part three of this series will be coming soon, and I can add some reader suggestions from comments.


Jen Schaper
I am a mom of three kids, a wife, and a wannabe author. For Books That Hook, I review books, create features and discussions, design the website, and do all the administrative stuff.

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