Storm Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow ~ Review

Storm Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow ~ ReviewAuthor: Lilith Saintcrow
Title: Storm Watcher
Series: Watcher #2
Publisher: ImaJinn Books
Pages: 176
Release Date: 2005-04-08
Genres: Urban Fantasy
The Witch:All Mariamne Niege wants is to finish her thesis and get a job. Unfortunately, she's a Guardian now, and her visions of the future have grown so intense she's blind to the world while in their grip. Her Watcher, Hanson, is sleeping on her couch and scaring her roommates when he's not shepherding her through the visions and calming her worsening nightmares. Then the earthquakes start, warning of an even bigger disaster--a cataclysm that could level her beloved city and claim countless innocent lives. A disaster her visions say are triggered by Hanson, even though he's sworn to protect her . . . The Watcher: Hanson joined the Watchers to atone for a life of lies, but the only way he can stay close enough to Mari to protect her is to use some of his less-than-honest talents. She is the only witch who can ease the agony of being a Watcher, and the only woman in the world he wants. Then Mari's house is broken into and her roommates slaughtered, and in order to save his witch, Hanson is going to have to become more vicious than the Dark--even though it might mean losing her forever. Bounced around the world as a military brat, Lilith Saintcrow fell in love with writing in second grade and never looked back. She currently resides in Vancouver, Washington, with two children, a menagerie, and books. Find her on the web at
Format: eBook
Also by this author: Dark Watcher, Fire Watcher

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

“Storm Watcher” is the second book in the Watcher series by Lilith Saintcrow.

Based on the number of pages, I’d say this is a novella rather than a novel.

Tense: Past

Person: 3rd, alternating

Audience: Adult due to sexual content

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The Watcher series continues, this time focusing on Mari and Hanson. Mari is a water witch and Hanson is her Watcher whose whole existence revolves around keeping her safe.

Both of the main characters have serious self-esteem issues. I’ve read some scathing reviews about how annoying they are. I wasn’t particularly annoyed, but I wasn’t a fan of either of them. They were both whiny. While it was understandable at times, it didn’t make them characters I could relate to.

A bigger problem, though, is that they have terrible communication. A lot of angst on both their parts could have been avoided if they had just talked to one another. It’s seems all Hanson can really say to Mari is that he’s sorry (over and over).

Even though the book is classified as urban fantasy, this book reads like a romance from the very beginning. Yes, there’s the deal about needing to stop the earthquake, but the main story seems to be about Hanson’s need for Mari to eliminate his pain because, as he said many times, “She’s my witch.”

The book starts out really slow. It isn’t until chapter four that the reader gets a hint that something bad is going to happen. Then, it isn’t until chapter six that something does happen–Mari and Hanson are attacked.

Another problem I had with this book was that I couldn’t see the connection between the different plot points. Some things that happened ended up not meaning anything.

I also didn’t like the Alice in Wonderland reference made. It’s like the 10th book in the last month that I have read that referred to “down the rabbit hole” or “through the looking glass.” I’m getting really tired of it.

The positives? Probably the writing itself, the descriptions, and the action scenes are the best parts of “Storm Watcher.” It wasn’t a horrible book. I just thought the characters could have had more likable qualities and the story could have started out with more action.

I’m hoping that the next book will be better because it’s about the most outspoken of the witches, Elise. Her Watcher better have a backbone to be able to deal with her, because she’s going to be a handful.

I give “Storm Watcher” three stars. I’m on the fence about recommending it. Some readers will love it; some readers will hate it.




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