Review: Moon Feast by Lakisha Spletzer

Review: Moon Feast by Lakisha SpletzerAuthor: Lakisha Spletzer
Title: Moon Feast
Genres: Horror
Format: eBook

Moon Feast by Lakisha SpletzerSPOILER ALERT!!!!

I downloaded this story free on Barnes and Noble a while back. I finally got around to reading it. It’s not poorly written, but it’s not the best prose I’ve read by a long shot. The author has potential as far as her skills go. I think she just needs some instruction. For example, she over-does qualifiers and adverbs. Not a big deal, though, since I’ve read free stories that were worse than this one. At least she could spell 🙂

Despite the decent writing, I didn’t like this story. First of all, she calls it a novel. On my Nook, it was only forty-something pages. That’s not a novel. Second, the subject matter was very disturbing. Flesh-eating, talking horses that delight in stalking and killing humans? It’s just too far out there for me, probably because I’m an animal lover and I can’t picture horses doing this. Plus, I’m not a fan of stories that end with the protagonist getting killed.

I give her an A for coming up with something original, but it turned my stomach to envision it. I’m not going to bother giving it stars since I think this is a matter of personal taste more than anything else.

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