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Review: Fountain of Secrets by Anita Clenney

Review: Fountain of Secrets by Anita ClenneyAuthor: Anita Clenney
Title: Fountain of Secrets
Series: The Relic Seekers #2
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Pages: 330
Release Date: 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Kendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second audiobook of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics. Nathan believes these may be the cure for his dark curse. He also sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall's back — although her back isn't all Jake has his eye on.Nathan joins them, and all three tumble into a labyrinth of defenses created by the monks to protect their treasures, including the Fountain of Youth. They find themselves in England on the trail of the legendary King Arthur, who along with the Reaper, seems connected to the Protettori. Sparks fly and bonds are tested as Kendall and Nathan's pasts are revealed and Jake's becomes even more mysterious. The trio must stay one step ahead of the Reaper if they want to survive.
Format: eBook
Also by this author: Guardians of Stone, The Lost Chalice
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*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

Fountain of Secrets is the second book in the Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney. It picks up very close to where the first book left off, yet readers can jump in even if they haven’t read the first book in the series. The author gives the reader lots of details about what happened in Guardians of Stone, but does so without slowing down the pace of the story.

I liked that I learned more about Jake and Nathan in this book. Some readers might not like the love triangle, though. Personally, I wasn’t bothered by it. I could understand Kendall’s attraction to both men. I appreciated that she waited until the middle of the second book before sleeping with either of them. (and when it happens, it’s hot without being crude or vulgar, which I thought was great)

I also enjoyed how there was a clear story goal that stayed on track throughout the book. There were surprises, but they didn’t throw the characters off course from the main goal of the story.

The only negative I could find was that the passage of time seemed ‘off’ to me. Jake says he has only known Kendall for a few days; Kendall says she has only known Jake for a week. It’s not only that, but if I try to add up the days that passed in book one and up to this point in book two, it’s more than a few days. To me, few means three or four. Kendall might be closer to the truth. I haven’t actually gone through each book to add up each day. However, I got the feeling at least two weeks (maybe more) had passed from the time she met Jake in book one to the time she said this in book two.

That’s not a big deal, though. I really enjoyed reading Fountain of Secrets. It’s got a lot of history, folklore, and action mixed in with the romance. All the characters are likable, and it kept me interested all the way through. I will definitely read the next book, The Lost Chalice, which I have from Netgalley. I plan to have a review posted for that one by February 21st.

Thank you so much to Anita who provided me an e-copy to read and review.


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