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Review: The Carriage House by Carla Neggers (2001)

Review: The Carriage House by Carla Neggers (2001)Author: Carla Neggers
Title: The Carriage House
Series: The Carriage House #1
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 352
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Fun and a little hard work. That's all Tess Haviland had in mind when Ike Grantham paid her for her graphic design work with the run-down, nineteenth-century carriage house on Boston's North Shore.Then Ike disappeared, and now Tess finds herself with much more than a simple weekend project to get her out of the city. It's not just the rumors that the carriage house is haunted—it's the neighbors: six-year-old Dolly Thorne, her reclusive babysitter, Harley Beckett…and especially Dolly's father, Andrew Thorne, who has his own ideas about why Tess has turned up next door.But when Tess discovers a human skeleton in her dirt cellar, she begins to ask questions about the history of the carriage house, the untimely death of Andrew's wife…and Ike's disappearance. Questions a desperate killer wants to silence before the truth reveals that someone got away with murder.
Format: Paperback
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Basic Summary:

Tess is given a carriage house instead of payment for her graphic design services. Now, the owner is missing, and she’s stuck with a tax bill. Tess decides to go out to the carriage house in order to ascertain her best course of action–sell it or keep it?

While there, she meets her next door neighbors: a sexy architect, his precocious daughter, and his tough, ex-cop cousin. Worse, though, she discovers a skeleton in the cellar.

She doesn’t tell anyone what she has seen until it is too late. Someone steals the body.

Tess doubts herself a lot. If she had been confident and hadn’t worried so much about what other people thought, it wouldn’t have happened.

Once people start to believe that she really did see a skeleton, she places herself in danger. Too many people want her to be quiet, each for their own reasons.

Meanwhile, Tess and the architect, Andrew, get more involved with one another than they are ready for.

My Thoughts:

There were some things that bothered me about the story, but I liked it overall.

My biggest complaint is that the author makes it way to easy to figure out whose bones are in the carriage house. It’s also way to easy to figure out who killed him. Plus, I never get the feeling Tess is that scared.

Although most of it is predictable, and there really isn’t much suspense, the characters make it worth reading. I especially liked Tess’s father and her godfather. The little girl was fun, too.

I’m a sucker for books that have animals. This one ranks up there for me because of the inclusion of a pregnant cat and, later, her litter of kittens.

I’d read the next book in the series, and I definitely want to read more by Carla Neggers.


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