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WhatGuest Post: What I Love about New Adult Fiction – Tia Giacalone

What I Love About New Adult Fiction

One of the questions I get asked most frequently when people discover I’m an author is “What kind of books do you write?” followed quickly by “What’s that?” when I tell them my genre is New Adult.

I used to come up with all kinds of vague things to explain it, my go-to usually something like “It’s the bridge between Young Adult and Contemporary Romance” but after writing two books and drafting plans for many more, I know exactly what to say.

Now when people ask me, I say “Remember your first love? The one that was so ingrained in you that it felt like they were a part of your skin? THAT’S what New Adult is about.”

And then I see the light of comprehension dawn in their eyes and I realize again that this genre, while mostly geared toward readers in their early twenties, actually transcends the demographic. Because almost everyone remembers how it felt to fall in love – real love – for the first time.

There is something about the memory of first love, something about that heady, overwhelming feeling that never goes away. It can come rushing back when you hear a certain song, or watch a particular movie, or catch a glimpse of a person who reminds you of someone you used to know. Suddenly you’re back there, to a time where the sun rose and set on their smile, like you can still feel their skin pressed against yours, like the years that changed everything one hundred times over just… evaporated.

For me, New Adult is about capturing that mood. It’s about that nostalgia that can overtake you and that insane combination of lust and what feels like destiny leaving you breathless and a little giddy, flipping the pages with a smile on your face, silently cheering and hoping for everything to work out with these fictional people that you don’t actually know – but it feels like you do.

And if you haven’t experienced that first love quite yet? Then New Adult shows you everything you have to look forward to – the singular focus and intensity that only comes with the kind of love people write books about.

Either way – there’s something for everyone.

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Tia GiacaloneTia Giacalone is a hairstylist, a former English Lit major, and blogger-turned-New Adult author.  After many years of writing a now-retired personal blog, her work was also featured on numerous forums including Open Salon and Hooray Collective. She believes in eyeliner as a defense mechanism, equal
rights, and Marc Jacobs.  Her favorite things include One Direction, story time, and the overzealous use of punctuation. When not writing and reading, she binge watches only the best (subjective) TV shows.  Tia lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, and tiny dog.


Tia Giacalone is the author of NIGHT FOX



Beckett Fox lives his life on the edge between danger and responsibility, and that’s all he’s ever known… until he meets Avery. Now, time at home is more appealing than the do-or-die future he’d always pictured for himself.

Fox has everything he’s ever wanted. But he knows better than anyone that life can change direction faster than the wind.

When an accident threatens to destroy his entire world, Fox will have to choose between fighting for what he loves or letting his past dictate his future.

How much strength does it take to move forward when history seems determined to knock you down? And how do you find the path to redemption when you don’t even recognize your own life?

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