Review: Mistletoe Meltdown by Rachel Rawlings (short story, urban fantasy)

Review: Mistletoe Meltdown by Rachel Rawlings (short story, urban fantasy)Author: Rachel Rawlings
Title: Mistletoe Meltdown (short story)
Series: Maurin Kincaide #?
Genres: Urban Fantasy

What do you do when you're out voted on hosting a holiday party, complete with gift exchange and all the trimmings? Tie on the apron and deck those halls. Self proclaimed Scrooge, Maurin Kincaide accepts the challenge and tackles the yuletide with all the determination she would a Council task. But not everyone is brimming with holiday cheer. A blood coven threatens to bring the holiday festivities to an end. Can Maurin stop the dark magic before the clock strikes twelve, signaling the solstice?
Format: eBook
Also by this author: The Morrigna, Witch Hunt, Wolfsbane, Blood Bath, Ill Fated

“Mistletoe Meltdown” is a short story that goes with the Maurin Kincaide series by Rachel Rawlings. I really wish Goodreads or Amazon had told me where in this series the story falls, because I was pretty lost about the characters. After reading the story, I went to the author’s website. Although she doesn’t have them numbered, it appears that this story goes between books 4 and 5. I wish I had known that because a lot of what was mentioned at the beginning was meaningless to me because I didn’t know who the people were. For example, Maurin spends a lot of time telling the reader what wrapping paper she bought each person for Christmas. I’m sure the paper was meaningfully selected, but it didn’t mean anything to me because I didn’t know the characters.

You really need to have read the prior books before reading “Mistletoe Meltdown.” You can understand what’s going on, but it just doesn’t seem very important if you don’t know the characters. Also, there’s too much missing information. For example, at 44%, she says, “I skipped the bad joke about trouble literally being in the name of the bar. This was a problem for me because she hadn’t said what the name of the bar was. So, the joke was lost on me. A few pages later, she says the bar’s name, but it was too late for me.

I was pretty bored at the beginning, in part because of what I mentioned above. I was also bored because not much was happening and there didn’t seem to be a goal. I grew impatient waiting for some action. It comes, but too late in my opinion.

If you want to read this entire series, go ahead and include “Mistletoe Meltdown.” It’s not a bad story; it’s just hard to read by itself like I did.

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