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Kiss of a Stranger by Lily Danes and Eve Kincaid ~ blog tour stop with giveaway

Welcome to our blog tour stop for

Kiss of a Stranger!

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Kiss of a Stranger

by Lily Danes & Eve LKincaid

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 6, 2015

Publisher: Dark and Stormy Books

Series: Lost Coast Harbor, book 1


Maddie Palmer lost everything when her ex-husband betrayed her. Years later, she’s rebuilt her life. It’s safe and stable—everything she thought she wanted. Until a dangerously sexy ex-con appears in Lost Coast Harbor…

Gabriel Reyes just did six years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s returned, determined to expose the men who set him up. His best chance at redemption is seducing the straight-laced woman working for the enemy…until he realizes he’s the one being seduced.

As passion ignites, Gabe and Maddie find themselves drawn deeper into the corruption behind the town’s richest family… even while facing the greatest danger of all—losing their hearts.



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A voice came from the doorway, low and perfectly modulated but coated in a thin layer of grit. “Am I in the right place?”

Maddie closed her eyes for a second. If she pummeled the man for interrupting, Oliver might think she wasn’t qualified for the promotion. She steeled her face into a pleasant expression and turned to face the newcomer.

And once again, she needed to remind herself to be calm. She began counting, but couldn’t remember what came after four.

The man before her was a god.

Not just a regular god, either. This was the kind who’d traveled to earth, found a bit of trouble, and decided he was having way too much fun to return to his celestial home. Any sensible woman would run the other way the moment she spotted him.



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Like so many good ideas, Lost Coast Harbor was inspired by a few rounds of margaritas. One sunny afternoon, Lily Danes and Eve Kincaid went to a Mexican restaurant for snacks and tequila and left with the idea for a new series. Inspired by their love of noir movies and 1940s crime novels, they imagined a gritty small town full of crime and corruption, where intrigue and mystery can lead to love and passion.



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