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IWSG: Reworking an Old Story @TheIWSG

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Today, I joined the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The first Wednesday of each month, all members of this group have the opportunity to respond to a question on their blogs.

According to the IWSG website, the awesome co-hosts for the March 1 posting of the IWSG will be Tamara Narayan, Patsy Collins, M.J. Fifield, and Nicohle Christopherson!

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Why I Joined

I’m excited about this group, because I need to focus and finally finish a story–no matter how terrible I might think it is. I hope that, by connecting with fellow writers, I can motivate myself to write instead of merely thinking about writing. I honestly don’t know if this group is intended for people like myself who have never actually finished a book. I’m hoping I fit into the group.


Today’s IWSG question is:

Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

I have reworked many old stories, but never actually finished any of them. So I can’t say whether they worked out.

When I rework an old story, I’m usually intending on changing some things and continuing the story. Then, life gets in the way, or I get discouraged and quit. If I wouldn’t waste time reworking, maybe I could get to the end.


As of today, I have been reworking and reworking the following stories:

Forgotten Magic

-A mother must remember her special abilities if she is to save her son from a body-snatching sorcerer.


When Monsters Come

-When a mage’s portal amplification device disrupts the veil between the realms, supernatural creatures run amok on Earth, and a human woman is pulled into a quest to shut down the machine. (in same world as next two stories, much earlier)


“Black Magic Betrayal”

-A witch is accused summoning demons that kill her friend, and she fights to clear her name. (short story prequel to Wanted: Witch)


Wanted: Witch

-A former witch, punished with a transmogrification spell that didn’t work as intended (she’s only a cat during the day), must prevent her coven from taking over her city with a demon horde.


Wolf Road

-A veterinarian struggles to save a comatose alpha werewolf while another pack tries to take over his territory.



-After the death of his daughter, a man travels on foot along railroad tracks, trying to escape reality. When he witnesses a man dumping the body of a young girl, he reports it to authorities, but ends up becoming their primary suspect.


Dead Dowsing

-A psychic uses her dead-dowsing ability to track a serial killer, inadvertently making herself a target for his twisted desires.


House of Cups

-The stepdaughter of a noble flees to avoid a loveless, arranged marriage to the ruthless head of a rival house and, while being chased by her intended, meets the man of her dreams who is much more than he seems.


Salem Evil

-When a spell goes wrong, a witch and her male friend are transported back in time to Salem, shortly after the Witch Trials. While there, she discovers a demon’s influence over the historic events.


As you can see, I have lots of incomplete projects. The reworking needs to stop.

I need to get off my booty and get them done. I think I need to stop reworking and just move forward. Write, write, write until I get to the end. Reworking is probably good for people who have written the entire piece and didn’t like it, so put it aside. It’s not good for people like me who can’t seem to finish the dang things because they are always going back and changing things, never moving forward to the end.

I need to put insecurities aside and just get one of them done!






Jen Schaper
I am a mom of three kids, a wife, and a wannabe author. For Books That Hook, I review books, create features and discussions, design the website, and do all the administrative stuff.

8 Replies to “IWSG: Reworking an Old Story @TheIWSG”

  1. I relate so much to your struggles. I tend to do the same. I come up with amazing story ideas, write as much as I can then get burnt out and put it away for a while. Then I read over it again, editing it slightly as I go, wondering why I ever put it down. When I reach the end, I don’t know where to go from there. Personally, my issue has been that I’ve never truly outlined my plot. I know what I want the beginning to be like, I know a few scenes for the middle and end but nothing concrete. If you share the same issue, then try to outline the entire plot before beginning your story. It’s been hard for me to do (since I like being surprised as I write) but it’s really the only thing that keeps me on track. Good luck to you!
    Best Mermaid recently posted…Reworking Old StoriesMy Profile

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m a good planner, just not a good follow-through person. I’ve found some motivation, though. My daughter is helping me with one of the books to help me get everything in order before I really start writing. She’s going to expand on my character profiles and scene summaries. I think having her help me will be a good way to keep involved and not put it aside for months on end.

  2. Sorry I’m so late, but welcome to the IWSG! You are in the right place.
    What Tamara said. Start with a short story and finish it. Maybe set a deadline or participate in BunNoWriMo or Camp NaNo or something. I’m a lazy writer and I need things like that to motivate me.

  3. When I started writing fiction, I wasn’t sure I had what it took so I started with a short story just to see if I could put all the pieces together and finish the thing. I did finish and then moved on to a novel. So maybe pick the shortest or most complete project and go from there.

  4. Hi, JPS! I’m still making the rounds for IWSG Day even though it’s now Thursday. Welcome to our group. I joined it a couple of years ago. As someone who has never published a book, I was welcomed and have been encouraged as I work on a memoir. I enjoy the interaction with writers of all types, from absolute beginners to authors with multiple books published. You have a lot of story ideas in the works. I would pick the one that speaks to you the most and keep plugging at it until you get that first draft done. Good luck with your writing. Don’t give up! Persistence is the key!

    1. Hi Louise, thanks so much for stopping by and giving me some encouragement! I’m glad to know I’m not the only unpublished writer in the group. Good luck with your memoir.

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