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Get Your Writing Gears Going, Part Three

1385573251 This is the third and final installment of my writing inspiration series.

In part one and part two, I presented ways to come up with ideas for stories and characters.

Here are four more sources of writing inspiration to think about:

1) People Watching: Have you ever seen a person and wondered about him or her? Next time you see an interesting person, watch him or her for a few minutes (without stalking or staring, obviously!) and come up with a story about the person. Where is she going? Why does she look upset? Who is that guy with her? You might be able to make a whole story up by just watching a person for a few minutes.

2) Brainstorming with Other People: This is something I love to do, especially with my children who always come up with great ideas. If you start talking about a character or a plot, you can gain inspiration from other people. It’s easy to get carried away, but it’s always a lot of fun if everyone throws in ideas.

3) Daydreaming after Reading a Book: After reading a book, think about what you would have liked to have happened that didn’t happen. If you could write a similar book, how would you change it? Of course, you can’t just write a book based off of someone else’s book, but you might find that these changes are seeds that can grow into something totally different.

4) Automatic Writing: I don’t mean this in a spiritual sense, unless that is something you are already comfortable and experienced with. What I mean by automatic writing is to get relaxed and see what comes out of your mind when you aren’t trying to force it. This works for some people more than it works for other people. Sometimes, just writing a random sentence can lead to more sentences. So, if you are stuck on how to start a story, just put something. You can always go back later and change it. You might find that once you have a sentence down, your fingers just take over the writing. It can happen on a subconscious level. Later, you might find that most of it is garbage. But there could be a gem in the rough that, with some polish, could be finessed into something wonderful.


Do you have any methods that work for you I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear your ideas.


Jen Schaper
I am a mom of three kids, a wife, and a wannabe author. For Books That Hook, I review books, create features and discussions, design the website, and do all the administrative stuff.

2 Replies to “Get Your Writing Gears Going, Part Three”

  1. Oh I love this post! Brainstorming with Other People! that makes so much sense! my favorite is after reading a book, thinking about what you would have liked to have happened that didn’t happen. I hope you continue this series.

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