Book Releases

Welcome to our Book Releases landing page!

We have finally settled on how we want to inform readers about new book releases. There are several ways we will do so:

  1. Our daily featured releases posts. Each day, we post about two books we found that sound interesting. These are books being released in the current month, not necessarily on the day we post about it.
  2. Through book reviews.
  3. Through promos like cover reveals, tour stops, and guest posts. We make an effort to not double-post. If we know we have a tour coming up for a particular book, we try to exclude it from the daily featured releases.
  4. Our Amazon store. As we find books we think our readers might be interested in or books we want to read, we add them to a store page for that month’s book releases.
  5. On our sidebar with the recommended books images and advertising sponsored by authors.

All of our posts are going to be tagged by the month and year the book released. I am working on editing old posts to make it easier to find them with these tags. To locate any of our posts by these tags, simply put the month and year in the search box, followed by the word release. Example: March 2017 release will bring up all the posts that are tagged for that month and year.

As part of my 2017 cleanup of the blog, I have deleted many of the old posts related to book releases. However, any promos we did for authors, publishers, or tour companies are still in the blog archives and can be found using the above method.

If you are an author and you would like us to feature your book, we can run a book release spotlight.

Both traditionally and self-published authors are welcome to contact us. First, please make sure your book meets the following criteria:

  1. Book is complete and ready for publication
  2. Cover is appropriate for all ages
  3. A clean excerpt can be provided, no longer than 400 words
  4. The book is fiction in one of the following genres: mystery, cozy mystery, suspense, thriller, supernatural thriller or horror, science fiction (excluding space opera), fantasy, historical romance, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, or contemporary romance.
  5. We do not promote erotica. If sex scenes take up more than a third of the book, we are not interested.

What we would need:

  1. image of the book cover
  2. blurb
  3. Goodreads link
  4. a clean excerpt
  5. author photo
  6. author bio
  7. notification if the book needs to have a 17+ warning for sexual content

If you are an author who would like to purchase sidebar space, please visit our About page for more information.



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